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To improve the quality of a photo, you can employ various techniques such as cropping, deblurring, color adjustment, light and shadow adjustment, saturation adjustment, applying photo filters or overlays, creating photo collages, and removing unwanted objects.

The primary function of our enhancer is to improve image resolution by enhancing sharpness, while leaving color, light, contrast, saturation, and other image attributes unchanged.

When individuals come across blurry old family photos, they can utilize an image quality enhancer to preserve cherished memories by enhancing the photos. Additionally, for user-generated content (UGC) photos that are of low quality, the enhancer can transform them into high-resolution, print-ready content or suitable designs for social media.

When your images possess adequate sharpness or have previously been enhanced, the resolution may not exhibit any further improvement. In instances of severely degraded image quality, the deblurring outcome might not be perfect, although a second enhancement attempt can be made. Additionally, our algorithm delivers optimal results when applied to human portraits in comparison to texts, landscapes, and other subjects.

Absolutely! Our mobile application offers a photo enhancer feature, allowing you to enhance your photos seamlessly while on the go, whether you're using an iPhone (iOS) or an Android phone.

Powered by PicUP.Ai, a renowned AI-based graphics design and computer vision technology company, imageenhan stands out as an enhancer that caters to both novices and professionals. It offers free options for users of all skill levels and provides affordable pricing plans suitable for individuals and businesses.

In addition to offering free downloads for low-resolution results, you can also utilize the "gift" button located below on the right to share our tool with your friends and family members. By referring them to register, both you and they will receive 5 credits. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to join our affiliate program or nonprofit program to enjoy additional advantages.

Indeed. Through machine learning, AI learns from photos to incorporate more pixels and information into the original images, aiming to reduce noise. Consequently, the resulting photo may exhibit a larger file size.